Cocteau twins - Garlands LP

Cocteau twins - Garlands LP

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2020 Reissue

Label: 4AD


“We made two tapes, and I went to London with them and I gave one to Ivo and one to John Peel. We had no phone, so I wrote down the number of the phone box down the road and ‘call between five and six’ on the cassette case, and I’d wait outside every night for a call! There wasn’t a doubt in my mind they’d both ring. John Peel wrote us back a nice letter saying that it was really good and everything, and Ivo phoned us and said, ‘Hey, wanna come and make a record?’ It was sort of…we were sort of naïve and into what we were doing so much that we almost sort of expected, you know… We just sort of expected it. ‘Of course we want to make a record! We’re fucking good!’ You know…no trouble.”


  1. Blood Bitch
  2. Wax and Wane
  3. But I’m Not
  4. Blind Dumb Deaf
  5. Shallow Then Halo
  6. The Hollow Men
  7. Garlands
  8. Grail Overfloweth