TREES SPEAK - OHMS  White vinyl

TREES SPEAK - OHMS White vinyl

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White vinyl

Ohms is een album van Trees Speak, uitgebracht in 2021. Ohms bevat o.a. de nummers: “Soul Sequencer”, “Shadow Circuit”, “Sleep Crime”, “Knowing” en vele anderen. Het album betreft een Coloured Vinyl, Limited Edition rock LP.

1. Soul Sequencer
2. Nitrous Cross
3. Shadow Circuit
4. Blame Shifter
5. Spirit Duplicator
6. Nobody Knows
7. Sadness In Wires
8. State of Clear
9. Sleep Crime
10. Knowing
11. Splendid Sun
12. Ohms
13. Out of View
14. Psychic Wounds
15. Silicone Emotions
16. Octave Cycle
17. Witch Wound