Bruce Dickinson - A Tyranny of Souls Vinyl

Bruce Dickinson - A Tyranny of Souls Vinyl

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1-LP Holland
Rock / Heavy Metal
High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve


Seven years on from the glories of 'The Chemical Wedding', the sixth chapter in the great man’s solo journey appeared. A more varied and introspective affair than its predecessor, 'Tyranny Of Souls' touched upon balls-out hard rock (‘Devil On A Hog’), gallivanting, state-of-the-art melodic metal (‘Abduction’) and hazy, prog-fuelled psychedelia (the exquisite ‘Navigate The Seas Of The Sun’– a song inspired by cult author Erich von Däniken’s theory of extra-terrestrial life on Earth in the distant past). The album’s title track drew from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, with all the pitch-black melodrama that such a conceit demands, while ‘Kill Devil Hill’ paid tribute to aviation pioneers the Wright Brothers’ first triumphant flight in 1903.


  • 1. Mars Within (Intro)
  • 2. Abduction
  • 3. Soul Intruders
  • 4. Kill Devil Hill
  • 5. Navigate the Seas of the Sun
  • 6. River of No Return
  • 7. Power of the Sun
  • 8. Devil On a Hog
  • 9. Believel
  • 10. A Tyranny of Souls

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