Bruce Dickinson - Balls To Picasso Vinyl

Bruce Dickinson - Balls To Picasso Vinyl

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1-LP Holland
Rock / Heavy Metal
High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve


The key moment in Bruce Dickinson’s evolution as a solo artist unfolded following his departure from Iron Maiden in 1993, after which he joined forces with guitarist and producer Roy Z for 1994’ssophomore triumph 'Balls To Picasso'. Backed by Roy’s noted Latino rock crew Tribe Of Gypsies, he began to spread his compositional wings, edging towards a noticeably heavier sound – despite, rumour has it, pressure from Bruce’s label to be more radio-friendly – and flexing those metal muscles with renewed vigour on the likes of ‘Cyclops’, ‘1000 Points Of Light’, the exhilarating ‘Laughing In The Hiding Bush’ and towering prog-tinged power ballad ‘Tears Of The Dragon’, a somewhat oblique, but undeniably affecting paean, to Bruce’s feelings upon leaving Maiden to forge a new path.


  • 1. Cyclops
  • 2. Hell No
  • 3. Gods or War
  • 4. 1000 Points of Light
  • 5. Laughing In the Hiding Bush
  • 6. Change of Heart
  • 7. Shoot All the Clowns
  • 8. Fire
  • 9. Sacred Cowboys
  • 10. Tears of the Dragon

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