George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice (Remastered)  Vinyl

George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice (Remastered) Vinyl

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Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1. was George Michael’ s second solo album. Arranged, produced and almost completely written by George himself, it eloquently confirmed him as a pioneering, agenda-setting artist.

The album was a multi-platinum-selling worldwide chart-topper which reached Number 1 in the UK (where it outsold Faith and went 4x platinum) and was the sound of a precedent-setting, boundary-pushing global superstar going his own way. A remastered version of the album will be coupled with a remastered version of George’s stunning 1996 MTV Unplugged performance, made available for the very first time.

The deluxe 3CD / DVD box contains rare tracks and remixes, promo videos and the 1990 Southbank TV show.

George Michael also worked on “Freedom”, a specially commissioned BBC film focusing on this remarkable phase in his career.


  • 1. Praying For Time
  • 2. Freedom! '90
  • 3. They Won't Go When I Go
  • 4. Something To Save
  • 5. Cowboys and Angels
  • 6. Waiting For That Day
  • 7. Mothers Pride
  • 8. Heal the Pain
  • 9. Soul Free
  • 10. Waiting Reprise


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