Glen Hansard - This Wild Willing 2Lp Coloured Vinyl

Glen Hansard - This Wild Willing 2Lp Coloured Vinyl

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2-LP Holland
Popular / Singer-Songwriter
High Quality


This Wild Willing is Glen Hansard’s fourth solo album. Written and created in Paris, France with a band of brothers; new friends and old, more than 24 musicians collaborating on the album. From his partners in The Frames (Joe Doyle) and Swell Season ( Marketa Irglova & Joe Doyle), to his touring family of players, to three Iranian brothers he met in Paris (the Kroshravesh brothers) , Glen brought together a group of global talents who each left an indelible mark on this recording.

“It became quickly apparent in the studio we were onto something interesting. I was finding new ways into the existing songs and we were improvising new ideas every day. When you surround yourself with great musicians and do your best to keep up, stay loose, give little direction, and allow everyone to bring what they bring, something transformative may happen. This collection of songs is mainly made up of those that came through while improvising and following the melodic lines and threads. Sometimes when you take a small musical fragment and you care for it, follow it, and build it up slowly, it can become a thing of wonder. In this sense, some of these songs weren’t written in the traditional form; they were ideas followed to a conclusion. I want to thank all these great musicians for coming and giving these songs their best. All a song wants is to be heard. I hope something in this music can be of use to you. I know it’s been of great use to me to make it. Beauty is in the ear of the behearer.”


  • - 1 -
    • 1. I'll Be You, Be Me
    • 2. Don't Settle
    • 3. Fool's Game
    • 4. Race To the Bottom
    • 5. The Closing Door
    • 6. Brother's Keeper
  • - 2 -
    • 1. Mary
    • 2. Threading Water
    • 3. Weight of the World
    • 4. Who's Gonna Be Your Baby Now
    • 5. Good Life of Song
    • 6. Leave a Light

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