Gram Parsons - GP Vinyl

Gram Parsons - GP Vinyl

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Label: Warner Bros.

2014 Reissue



Country Rock


GP is American singer-songwriter Gram Parsons' debut solo album. It was originally released in a gatefold sleeve in 1973. GP received critical acclaim upon release, but failed to reach the Billboard charts. In the original Rolling Stone review, which individually covered both GP and its follow-up, Grievous Angel, the reviewer praises Parsons' vocals and delivery paraphrasing Gram's lyrics, "boy, but he sure can sing".


  • A:
  • 1. Still Feeling Blue
  • 2. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning
  • 3. A Song For You
  • 4. Streets Of Baltimore
  • 5. She
  • B:
  • 6. That's All It Took
  • 7. The New Soft Shoe
  • 8. Kiss The Children
  • 9. Cry One More Time
  • 10. How Much I've Lied
  • 11. Big Mouth Blues


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