Gram Parsons - Grievious Angel Vinyl

Gram Parsons - Grievious Angel Vinyl

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Label: Warner Bros. 

180 Gram Vinyl


Country Rock


Grievous Angel is the second and final solo studio album by Gram Parsons, compiled from summer 1973 sessions and released four months after his death from a morphine and alcohol overdose in September 1973. Prominently featuring a young Emmylou HarrisGrievous Angel received great critical acclaim upon release but failed to find commercial success, a fate shared with Parsons’ previous efforts solo and with The Flying Burrito BrothersGrievous Angel peaked at number 195 on the Billboard charts. Despite its modest sales, it is viewed as a successful example of the hybrid between country and Rock and Roll Parsons called "Cosmic American Music".


  • A:
  • 1. Return of the Grievous Angel
  • 2. Hearts on Fire
  • 3. I Can't Dance
  • 4. Brass Buttons
  • 5. $1000 Wedding
  • B:
  • 6. Medley: Cash on the Barrelhead / Hickory Wind
  • 7. Love Hurts
  • 8.Ooh Las Vegas
  • 9. In My Hour of Darkness


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