HEIDEROOSJES - Noisy Fairytales Numbered and Coloured Vinyl

HEIDEROOSJES - Noisy Fairytales Numbered and Coloured Vinyl

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180gr./Gatefold/1500 Copies On Translucent Yellow Vinyl
1-LP Holland
Rock / Punk
Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Gatefold Sleeve


Energetic debut album by the then 18-year-old Heideroosjes. Youthful punk fury captured by an analog eight-track recorder. With up-tempo punk anthems such as 'I'm not deaf (I'm just ignoring you)' and 'United Scum', but also the cult hit 'Ze Smelten De Paashaas', which originated as an improvisational joke in the studio and was added as a bonus track. At that time it seemed like a fairytale that these four angry young men played every major festival and received a Dutch Grammy Award (Edison). Available as a limited edition of 1500 copies pressed on translucent yellow coloured vinyl.


    • 1. Can Anybody Tell Me?
    • 2. I'm Not Deaf (I'm Just Ignoring You)
    • 3. Into the War
    • 4. Fuck the New Kids On the Block
    • 5. Memories of Pain
    • 6. B4u Wake... Die!
    • 7. Hol Em Raus Klaus (Da Kommt Ja Saus Aus)
    • 8. Punica
    • 9. Not So Long Song
    • 10. Seize the Day
    • 11. A Hippie Sing Along
    • 12. United Scum
    • 13. Ze Smelten De Paashaas