Herman Brood - Ciao Monkey LP 20th Anniversay Edition

Herman Brood - Ciao Monkey LP 20th Anniversay Edition

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2020 Reissue

Label: Music On Vinyl

180gr./Insert/Expanded/20th Ann./1000 Cps Clear Vinyl
1-LP Holland
Coloured Vinyl, High Quality, Insert, Anniversary Edition, Expanded Edition


The versatile musician Herman Brood knew from his younger days that he was born to rock the world with his fascinating personality and musical abilities. With his band The Wild Romance he brought the rock 'n' roll to the public and performed with all the energy he possessed. His last official studio album Ciao Monkey is now exclusively available as an expanded edition. It´s the first time this wonderful Brood record is pressed on vinyl. The music is a mix of his well-known rock ‘n’ roll sound and some more poppy songs. The album closer and bonus track “When I Get Home” is the most fragile song and one that perfectly fits Brood’s voice. It also features the bonus track “She Came To Win, featuring Frédérique Spigt.

Available as a limited 20th anniversary expanded edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on crystal clear vinyl. It includes insert with pictures, credits and handwritten lyrics by Herman Brood.


  • 1. Young
  • 2. Dance On
  • 3. Pumpin'
  • 4. I Hate Myself
  • 5. Hold On Tight
  • 6. To Who Do You Belong
  • 7. Rain
  • 8. All of Me
  • 9. So Long
  • 10. Your Body's Here
  • 11. Take Me Off the Cross
  • 12. Saddle My Horse
  • 13. When I Get Home (Ft. Holly Mae Brood) (Previously Unrelease
  • 14. She Came To Win (Ft. Fridirique Spigt) (Previously Unrelease