HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES ( A.Cooper /J .Perry/ J.Depp)- Rise Coloured Vinyl

HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES ( A.Cooper /J .Perry/ J.Depp)- Rise Coloured Vinyl

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2-LP Holland
Coloured Vinyl, Limited Edition


The most important thing about the Hollywood Vampires is that they are not constructed, they are not manufactured: the band lives and breathes the spontaneous magic of three mega stars. Dubbed the “most expensive bar band” by the Vampires themselves, there is more to this supergroup than its members: the music and the magic they create when together on stage or in the recording studio. The approach on the band’s new album is drastically different than on their 2015 debut album: they aren’t simply opening a new chapter but they literally intent to “Rise” above. Consisting mainly of original material (and a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” – sung by Johnny Depp, Johnny Thunder’s “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory” sung by Joe Perry, as well as The Jim Caroll Band’s “People Who Died”), the sophomore album is purely rock’n’roll – in the true sense of the word and proves once and for all that the Hollywood Vampires aren’t only procuring a legacy but are – without doubt - this is some of the greatest rock’n’roll to enjoy this year.


Tracklist Plaat 1

  • 1. Hollywood Vampires - I Want My Now
  • 2. Hollywood Vampires - Good People Are Hard To Find
  • 3. Hollywood Vampires - Who's Laughing Now
  • 4. Hollywood Vampires - How The Glass Fell
  • 5. Hollywood Vampires - Boogieman Surprise
  • 6. Hollywood Vampires - Welcome To Bushwackers
  • 7. Hollywood Vampires - Wrong Bandage
  • 8. Hollywood Vampires - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
  • 9. Hollywood Vampires - Git From Round Me

Tracklist Plaat 2

  • 1. Hollywood Vampires - Heroes
  • 2. Hollywood Vampires - Pitiful Beauty
  • 3. Hollywood Vampires - New Threat
  • 4. Hollywood Vampires - Mr. Spider
  • 5. Hollywood Vampires - We Gotta Rise
  • 6. Hollywood Vampires - People Who Died
  • 7. Hollywood Vampires - Congratulations

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