IMELDA MAY - 11 Past the Hour Vinyl

IMELDA MAY - 11 Past the Hour Vinyl

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1-LP Holland
Rock / Rock&Roll
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Following the release of her poetry EP Slip Of The Tongue, Imelda May has returned with '11 Past The Hour'.

‘11 Past The Hour’ is the first taste of new music from the Irish star since the release of her 2017 album Life Love Flesh Blood.

"'11 Past The Hour’ is the time for intuition and awakening and is known as a clear calling from the universe to become conscious and aware," Imelda says of the new album. "11.11 is a powerful invitation to synchronicity. But also the need for connection, to sense a higher power and to simply feel safe and loved.

 1. 11 Past the Hour
2. Breathe
3. Made To Love
4. Different Kinds of Love
5. Diamonds
6. Don't Let Me Stand On My Own
7. What We Did In the Dark
8. Can't Say
9. Just One Kiss
10. Solace
11. Never Look Back