Jeff Tweedy - Warm Vinyl

Jeff Tweedy - Warm Vinyl

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Jeff Tweedy first rose to prominence with Uncle Tupelo in the late '80s and early '90s, but with his own group, Wilco, he would step out from the shadow of that legendary Alt-Country group. During that time Tweedy worked in the studio with Beck and the Minus 5. Tweedy started writing for his own and in 2017 he presented his first proper solo album 'Together at Last'. Just one year later, Tweedy is ready to release his 2nd solo album 'Warm'. 'Warm' is a calm acoustic album, for the ones who like Kurt Vile. Jason Isbell & Ryan Adams. Dry, winking lyrics and warm guitar passages walk the line of wry humor without slipping a step toward sardonic.


  • 1. Bombs Above
  • 2. Some Birds
  • 3. Don't Forget
  • 4. How Hard It is For a Desert To Die
  • 5. Let's Go Rain
  • 6. From Far Away
  • 7. I Know What It's Like
  • 8. Having Been is No Way To Be
  • 9. The Red Brick
  • 10. Warm (When the Sun Has Died)
  • 11. How Will I Find You


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