Johnstons - The Johnstons / Give a Damn / The Barley Corn CD

Johnstons - The Johnstons / Give a Damn / The Barley Corn CD

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Label: BGO Records

1968 / 1969 albums on 1 CD



BGO's 2013 double-disc set groups together the first three albums by Irish folk trio the Johnstons: 1968's The Johnstons, 1969's Give a Damn, and The Barleycorn, which also came out in 1969. The first of these records is very much a straight-ahead folk effort, sounding as if it could've come out during the folk revival in the early '60s (despite their British Isles heritage, this LP sounds as if it could've come out somewhere in America in the years prior to Dylan's big breakthrough). Give a Damn has a slight pop patina, thanks to the preponderance of insistent production, soft full band arrangements, and the occasional cover of a new tune, such as Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" and Leonard Cohen's "Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye." This isn't as pure, but the attempts at broadening the group's sound result in a more varied record and arguably, a more enjoyable one as well. Although there are a few arrangements that flirt with the expansiveness of Give a DamnThe Barleycorn is a purer folk record consisting almost entirely of traditional tunes, which is perhaps the best showcase for this heartfelt trio of folk traditionalists.


The Johnstons: 

  1. They’ll Never Get Their Man
  2. The Tunnel Tigers
  3. ‘Fhir A’ Bhata
  4. O’ Carolan’s Concerto
  5. The Lark In The Morning
  6. The Whistling Thief
  7. The Rounding Of Cape Horn
  8. The Dublin Jack Of All Trades
  9. Apprentice Song
  10. Caillerch An Airgid
  11. Reels (Hand Me Down The Tackle & Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie)
  12. The Rambler From Clare
  13. The Lambs On The Green Hills
  14. The Frog’s Wedding

Give A Damn:

  1. Give A Damn
  2. You Keep Going Your Way
  3. Urge For Going
  4. Port Of Amsterdam
  5. Funny In A Sad, Sad Way
  6. Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
  7. Both Sides Now
  8. Julia
  9. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
  10. I Loved
  11. I Don’t Mind The Rain On Monday
  12. Walking Out On Foggy Mornings

The Barley Corn:

  1. Ye Jacobites By Name
  2. The Coleraine Regatta
  3. The Newry Highwayman
  4. Joseph’s Fancy/A Trip To Durrow
  5. What Put The Blood?
  6. The Fenians From Cahirciveen
  7. The Barleycorn
  8. Sorry The Day I Was Married
  9. The Flower Of Northumberland
  10. The Nine Points Of Roguery/The Humours Of Tulla
  11. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
  12. Fuigfidh Mise ’n Baile Seo


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