JOY DIVISION - Closer Vinyl

JOY DIVISION - Closer Vinyl

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1-LP Holland

Joy Division were a British punk/post-punk/new wave band formed in 1976 in Salford, Greater Manchester. They were incorrectly named Stiff Kittens (2) on the flyer for their first gig alongside Buzzcocks and Penetration but announced themselves as Warsaw (3) at the start of their first performance. Throughout 1977 they continued under this moniker up to recording their first EP but changed their name to Joy Division at the start of 1978, before releasing their first 7" EP "An Ideal For Living".



Popular / New Wave
  • 1. Atrocity Exhibition
  • 2. Isolation
  • 3. Passover
  • 4. Colony
  • 5. A Means To an End
  • 6. Heart and Soul
  • 7. Twenty Four Hours
  • 8. The Eternal
  • 9. Decades


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