Lee "Scratch" Perry - Cloak & Dagger LP

Lee "Scratch" Perry - Cloak & Dagger LP

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Label; Music On Vinyl

2020 Reissue

UK Version

180gr./1000 Numbered Copies On Orange Vinyl

Limited Edition

1-LP Holland
World / Reggae
Coloured Vinyl, High Quality


Cloak and Dagger is the 1973 studio album by Lee "Scratch' The Upsetter" Perry. In that year, as Perry entered a period of heavy dub output, he recorded Cloak And Dagger. This early dub outing is a testament to Perry’s lo-fi mastery as he utilized his four-track soundcraft board, tape delays, phasers, reverb and any other ambient sounds he could get this hands on as an instrument rather than just to record instruments.

Cloak & Dagger is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on orange vinyl. The release is packed in a much sought after Rhino (UK) sleeve.

  • A
  • 1. Cloak & Dagger
  • 2. Hail Stone
  • 3. Musical Transplant
  • 4. Liquid Serenade
  • 5. Retail Love
  • 6. Creation
  • B
  • 7. Iron Claw
  • 8. Rude Walking
  • 9. Cave Man Skank
  • 10. Pe We Special
  • 11. Sunshine Rock
  • 12. Wakey Wakey