MOONDOG - Moondog Vinyl

MOONDOG - Moondog Vinyl

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Recorded in New York City, 1956.


A1 Caribea

Piano – Moondog (2)
A2 Lullaby
Vocals – Suzuko
A3 Tree Trail
A4 "Death, When You Come To Me, May You Come To Me Swiftly; I Would Rather Not Linger, Not Linger"
Voice – Sakura Whiteing
A5 Big Cat
Recorder – Moondog (2)
A6 Frog Bog
A7 To A Sea Horse
Piano [Solo] – Moondog (2)
A8 Dance Rehearsal


B1 Surf Session, Part 1
B2 Surf Session, Part 2
B3 Surf Session, Part 3
B4 "Trees Against The Sky, Fields Of Plenty, Rivers To The Sea: This, And More, Spreads Before Me."
Voice – Moondog (2)
B5 Tap Dance
Drums – Moondog (2)
B6 Oo Debut
Performer [Oo, Trimbas] – Moondog (2)
B7 Drum Suite
Drums [Japanese] – Sam Ulano
Performer [Trimbas] – Moondog (2)
B8 Street Scene