My Morning Jacket - The Waterfall 2LP+CD

My Morning Jacket - The Waterfall 2LP+CD

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Label: ATO Records

2LP + CD




The Waterfall is the seventh studio album by American rock band My Morning Jacket. Produced by Tucker Martine and group frontman Jim James, the album was released on May 4, 2015 by ATO Records and Capitol Records. After touring 2011’s Circuital (2011), for two years the band took a break before regrouping in late 2013 to begin work on The Waterfall, a process which took eighteen months.

Much of The Waterfall was recorded at a hilltop studio located Stinson Beach, California, where the band rented seaside homes while recording. Many elements of the album—from its tone to the album art—are heavily indebted to the area and its nature. James mostly brought unfinished lyrics to the group to create a spontaneous development process. In addition, he suffered a back injury during the sessions that hindered its production. His lyrics, likewise, document injury, romance and heartbreak, and spirituality, but center most on renewal. The album's music encompasses several genres, including folk, R&B, and psychedelia.



  • 1. My Morning Jacket - Believe (Nobody Knows)
  • 2. My Morning Jacket - Compound Fracture
  • 3. My Morning Jacket - Like a River
  • 4. My Morning Jacket - In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)
  • 5. My Morning Jacket - Get the Point


  • 1. My Morning Jacket - Spring (Among the Living)
  • 2. My Morning Jacket - Thin Line
  • 3. My Morning Jacket - Big Decisions
  • 4. My Morning Jacket - Tropics (Erase Traces)
  • 5. My Morning Jacket - Only Memories Remain


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