Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift Pink Vinyl + Bonus 12"

Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic Shift Pink Vinyl + Bonus 12"

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Label: Madfish / Snapper Music

180 Gram Pink Vinyl

1LP + Bonus 12" EP 'Half Light In Thilliai'



Jurassic Shift is the fourth studio album by English band Ozric Tentacles. It was first released in 1993 on the band's own label on Dovetail Records. In 1998 a re-release came from Snapper Music.

The Ozrics are a truly curious bunch in that they have this unerring tendency and uncanny ability to make great scads of progressive and space music that has true heart. There are very few times when one can connect fabulous technical skill with such a strongly emotional core, and never mind the mystical triggers.



  1. "Sunhair" (Ozric Tentacles) - 5:43
  2. "Stretchy" (Ed Wynne / Joie Hinton) - 6:51
  3. "Feng Shui" (Ozric Tentacles) - 10:24
  4. "Jurassic Shift" (Ozric Tentacles) - 11:05
  5. "Pteranodon" (Ozric Tentacles) - 5:40
  6. "Train Oasis" (Ed Wynne) - 2:45
  7. "Vita Voom" (Ozric Tentacles) - 4:48

EP12": "Half Light in Thillai" (Ed Wynne)

+ Remixes  of "Sun Hair" and "Pteranodon".

EAN Code: 0636551595513