Patto - Hold Your Fire Vinyl

Patto - Hold Your Fire Vinyl

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Label: Akarma
2002 Reissue
180 Gram Vinyl
Original die-cut artwork including lyrics.
Rock / Progressive Rock / Jazz Rock

Patto's second album, "Hold Your Fire", presents a great collection of songs that explores somewhat more complex musical territory than the debut album, "Patto".  There are still relatively straight-ahead songs like the title cut and "You, You Point Your Finger".  But the album contains a lot more experimentation with unusual time signature changes present in nearly all of the tunes.  There's plenty of great rock, and the jazz influence still presents itself in many of the songs, particularly in Ollie's "Air-Raid Shelter."  

In just a year, Ollie's guitar playing improved incredibly since the debut album, having perfected his legato hammer-on/pull-off technique.  His fast, fluid, and inventive playing is the star of this album.  Nearly every track on "Hold Your Fire" includes extraordinary guitar playing, and he had only been playing guitar for four years.  If you are into great guitar playing and you haven't heard this album, you are urged to rectify that situation as soon as possible.

Muff Winwood's production on "Hold Your Fire" is not as minimalist or in-your-face as it is on "Patto".  More time was spent on overdubs.  John's drums have a fuller sound.  Ollie's keyboards are more present throughout the album.  There are also more backing vocals.  "Hold Your Fire" is a fine sounding album with impressive songs and musicianship of an extraordinary caliber.  It is a shame that it has not been discovered by more rock music and guitar enthusiasts.

  • A:
  • 1. Hold your fire
  • 2. You, you piont your finger
  • 3. How's your father
  • 4. See you at the dance tonight
  • B:
  • 5. Give it all away
  • 6. Air raid shelter
  • 7. Tell me where you've been
  • 8. Magic door


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