Patto - Patto Vinyl

Patto - Patto Vinyl

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Label: Akarma

2002 Reissue

180 Gram Vinyl




Patto were an English progressive rock band, formed in London in 1970.

Patto is the first studio album by the jazz rock band Patto. It was released in 1970 on Vertigo Records.

Founded by vocalist Mike Patto with a lineup taken from Timebox consisting of vocalist Patto, guitarist and vibraphone player Ollie Halsall, bassist Clive Griffiths and drummer John Halsey.

"Patto", also known as "Anarchy",  was produced by Muff Winwood, who played guitar for the Spencer Davis group and is Steve Winwood's brother.  As he stated in a letter to a fan shortly after the album was released, he "...tried to do a simple production basing mainly on their on-stage sound."  The simple production is part of its charm, though.  It's just the band playing -- in your face without a lot of studio trickery.

For you guitar buffs, Ollie started playing guitar in 1967, so he had only been playing three years when "Patto" was recorded!

For new listeners, "Patto" may be a good place to start.  It would be too subjective to say that the songs are better than those found on the subsequent albums, but every cut on this album is very strong.



  • A:
  • 1. Patto - The man
  • 2. Patto - Hold me back
  • 3. Patto - Time to die
  • 4. Patto - Red glow
  • B:
  • 5. Patto - San Antone
  • 6. Patto - Government man
  • 7. Patto - Money bag
  • 8. Patto - Sittin' back easy


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