Peter Green - End of the Game Vinyl

Peter Green - End of the Game Vinyl

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180gr./Black Vinyl
1-LP Holland
High Quality


This strong psychedelic trip record clearly shows how great Peter Green was at the time. The End of the Game is a hallucinatory mix of jazz, fusion and blues. The edited pieces of a long jam session are experimental and all instrumentals. Peter Green's wah-wah Gibson guitar is incredibly expressive as is his band. It's a journey that Fleetwood Mac didn't want to make, but Green did it in a mind blowing way.

In 1967 Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie played in the legendary John Mayall & The Blues Breakers and were given free studio time during which they recorded five songs. Peter Green was so convinced of this band´s musical prowess that he formed Fleetwood Mac on the spot and named it after the drummer & the bass player.


  • 1. Bottoms Up
  • 2. Timeless Time
  • 3. Descending Scale
  • 4. Burnt Foot
  • 5. Hidden Depth
  • 6. The End of the Game

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