Progressive Rock Translation - Limited Edition Vinyl

Progressive Rock Translation - Limited Edition Vinyl

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Label: Music Brokers

1-LP Holland

Rock / Progressive Rock

Ft. Genesis/Focus/Gong A.O.


Hated by some, loved by many Progressive Rock music was born in the late 1960s and has stand the test of time. As part of Music Brokers' growing vinyl collection, we present now 'Progressive Rock Translation', a limited edition album that includes the work of many of the essential artists of the genre, including Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator, Focus, Peter Hammill and Soft Machine.

With fantastic artwork and remastered sound this is another essential addition to your growing 21st Century vinyl collection.


  • 1. The Serpent - Genesis
  • 2. Hocus Pocus - Focus
  • 3. Of Kith & Kin - Peter Hamill & Gary Lucas
  • 4. Your Time Starts Now - Van Der Graaf Generator
  • 5. Which Way the Wind Blows - Anthony Phillips & Ph
  • 6. Song of Aeolus - Soft Machine
  • 7. Firth of Fifth - Steve Hackett Feat. John Wetton
  • 8. Eat That Phone Book - Gong

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