Rory Gallagher - Blues 2LP

Rory Gallagher - Blues 2LP

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Label: UMC
Blues Rock
High Quality


A collection of rare and unreleased recordings of Rory Gallagher playing strictly blues material. It will range from previously unheard / unreleased tracks from Rory’s archive, special guest sessions that with legendary blues artists (Muddy Waters / Albert King), lost radio sessions and more. There will be a deluxe 36-track 3CD version covering Rory playing electric, acoustic and live blues comprised of 94% unreleased material. Also coming is a 14-track 1CD / 2LP version of which 92% of the material will be unreleased.

From the vaults of the Gallagher family’s tape archive comes this collection of rare and unreleased recordings of Rory playing his favourite blues material. Ranging from never heard before tracks to special guest sessions with legendary blues artists and lost radio sessions, this album uncovers Rory’s love of the blues throughout his solo career from 1971 right through to 1994.


  •  1 -
    • 1. Don't Start Me Talkin' (Unreleased Track From the Jinx Album
    • 2. Nothin' But the Devil (Unreleased Track From the Against the
    • 3. Tore Down (Unreleased Track From the Blueprint Album Session
    • 4. Off the Handle (Unreleased Session Paul Jones Show Bbc Radio
    • 5. A Million Miles Away (Unreleased Bbc Radio 1 Session 1973)
    • 6. Leaving Town Blues (Tribute Track From Peter Green 'Rattlesn
    • 7. I'm Ready (Guest Guitarist On Muddy Waters 'London Sessions'
    • 8. As the Crow Flies (Unreleased Track From Tattoo Album Sessio
  • - 2 -
    • 1. Who's That Coming (Acoustic Outtake From Tattoo Album Sessio
    • 2. Should've Learnt My Lesson (Acoustic Outtake From Deuce Albu
    • 3. Prison Blues (Unreleased Track From Blueprint Album Sessions
    • 4. Secret Agent (Unreleased Acoustic Version From Rte Irish Tv
    • 5. What In the World (Unreleased Track From Glasgow Apollo Conc
    • 6. Garbage Man Blues (Unreleased Track From Sheffield City Hall
    • 7. Born Under a Bad Sign (Unreleased Track From Rockpalast 1991