Rush - Rush In Rio 4LP

Rush - Rush In Rio 4LP

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Label: Rhino


180 Gr.Vinyl

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Rush In Rio is available for the first time on vinyl, as four 180-gram LPs.

The set is presented in a heavyweight gatefold jacket and comes with a code that allows the music to be downloaded digitally. The collection includes all 29-songs performed at the concert in Rio, including the sprawling sci-fi epic “2112” and fan favourite “Tom Sawyer,” plus two bonus tracks that were recorded at other stops during the Vapor Trails Tour.


A1 Tom Sawyer
A2 Distant Early Warning
A3 New World Man
A4 Roll The Bones
B1 Earthshine
B3 The Pass
B4 Bravado
C1 The Big Money
C2 The Trees
C3 Free Will
C4 Closer To The Heart
D1 Natural Science
D2 One Little Victory
D3 Driven
D4 Ghost Rider
E1 Secret Touch
E2 Dreamline
E3 Red Sector A
E4 Leave That Thing Alone
F1 O Baterista
F2 Resist
F3 2112
G1 Limelight
G2 La Villa Strangiato
G3 The Spirit Of Radio
H1 By-Tor And The Snow Dog
H2 Cygnus X-1
H3 Working Man
H4 Between Sun & Moon
H5 Vital Signs