Slipknot ‎– All Hope Is Gone 2LP

Slipknot ‎– All Hope Is Gone 2LP

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2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Silver Marbled
All Media, 10th Anniversary Edition

Newly designed artwork by M. Shawn Crahan (Slipknot).
Released in a gatefoldcover with song lyrics inside and printed inner sleeve with credits.

The numbering of the songs from the bonus CD on the back of the cover contains a misprint. With Duality, # 13 would be correct, etc.

On front sticker:

10th Aniversary Edition
Featuring the original album Plus an unreleased live bonus CD from Madison Square Garden - 2009.

A1 .Execute. 1:49
A2 Gematria (The Killing Name) 6:02
A3 Sulfur 4:38
B1 Psychosocial 4:43
B2 Dead Memories 4:29
B3 Vendetta 5:16
C1 Butcher's Hook 4:15
C2 Gehenna 6:50
C3 This Cold Black 4:41
D1 Wherein Lies Continue 5:39
D2 Snuff 4:33
D3 All Hope Is Gone 4:44
Bonus CD: Live At Madison Square Garden - February 5, 2009
CD-1 (Sic) 3:55
CD-2 Eyeless 4:15
CD-3 Wait And Bleed 2:44
CD-4 Get This 4:28
CD-5 Before I Forget 4:22
CD-6 The Blister Exists 6:37
CD-7 Dead Memories 4:08
CD-8 Left Behind 3:27
CD-9 Disasterpiece 5:09
CD-10 Purity 6:25
CD-11 Everything Ends 4:21
CD-12 Psychosocial 5:41
CD-13 Duality 5:25
CD-14 People = Shit 4:09
CD-15 Surfacing 4:48
CD-16 Spit It Out 7:34