Sparks - Left Coast Angst: Live Radio Broadcast Recordings 1982-1983 - Limited Edition Clear Vinyl 2LP

Sparks - Left Coast Angst: Live Radio Broadcast Recordings 1982-1983 - Limited Edition Clear Vinyl 2LP

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Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl

180 Gram Clear Vinyl


Limited Edition

Live FM radio broadcasts from "The Whiskey A Go Go", LA, USA June 1982 (tracks 1-11), and Magic Mountain, California, USA 23rd April 1983 (tracks 12-15).

Pop / Electronic


Sparks' brand of quirky Pop is personified in the decidedly odd disparity between the band's two founders and front men: the corkscrew-haired falsetto-voiced pretty-boy singer, Russell Mael, and his keyboard-playing brother, Ron - he of the deadpan demeanor, piercing glare and austere moustache. Based in Los Angeles, the Mael brothers' first band was Halfnelson, formed in 1968. Adapting a suggestion made by Bob Dylan's manager, Albert Grossman, they changed their name to Sparks three years later. Halfnelson's only album - originally released in 1971 - was reissued as Sparks debut album in July the following year, to little impact, although a single from it, 'Wonder Girl', sneaked into the Cashbox chart at No 92. A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing their follow-up album was instrumental in getting the band a UK tour, and also landed a spot on BBC television's premier music programme, The Old Grey Whistle Test. They were soon signed by Island Records and their 1974 album Kimono My House saw them break into the mainstream. Of the singles drawn from it, 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us' became a No 2 hit and Amateur Hour reached No 7. In 1976 Sparks returned to the USA where they toured extensively. By 1977 the Maels had become dissatisfied with their sound and moved in a more electronic direction. They teamed up with Georgio Moroder, the Italian synth-disco pioneer, and recorded the No 1 In Heaven album (1979). Terminal Jive, also recorded with Moroder, was in the same vein and the single When 'I'm With You' became a massive hit in France in 1980. Nevertheless, Sparks had found the electronic format too difficult to tour and decided to once again revert to their more traditional pop-rock sound. It is this era that is so well documented by the excellent live broadcast recordings on this disc, which features the cream of their early 1980's recordings whilst the band were touring the USA.



Sextown, United States 3:56

Funny Face 3:49

Eaten By The Monster Of Love 3:06

Mickey Mouse 3:46


I Predict 6:15

Moustache 3:42

I Married A Martian 6:48

Tips For Teens 3:49


9 Angst In My Pants 4:40

10 Wacky Woman 4:42

11 pstairs 6:14


12 Wish I Looked A Little Better 3:46

13 All You Think About Is Sex 4:19

14 Modesty Plays 5:23

15 Cool Places 5:27


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