Sting - The Last Ship Vinyl

Sting - The Last Ship Vinyl

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Label: Interscope




The Last Ship is the eleventh studio album by English musician Sting, released on 20 September 2013 in Germany and on 24 September 2013 in the UK and US. It contains songs written for and inspired by the musical The Last Ship, which was then in production and would premiere in June 2014. The Last Ship is the first full-length LP of original material released by Sting since his 2003 album Sacred Love.

The album, like the musical, takes inspiration from the closing of the shipyards in and around the historic shipbuilding town of Wallsend, where Sting grew up. The album features guest artists with roots in the northeast of England, including Brian Johnson from AC/DC, Jimmy Nail, The Unthanks, The Wilson Family, and Kathryn Tickell.


  • 1. The Last Ship
  • 2. Dead Man's Boots
  • 3. And Yet
  • 4. August Winds
  • 5. Language of Birds
  • 6. Practical Arrangement
  • 7. The Night the Pugilist Learned How To Dance
  • 8. Ballad of the Great Eastern
  • 9. What Have We Got?
  • 10. I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else
  • 11. So To Speak
  • 12. The Last Ship


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