THE BYRDS ‎– Preflyte Sessions 3LP

THE BYRDS ‎– Preflyte Sessions 3LP

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Influential American country/folk/psychedelic rock band founded in Los Angeles in 1964. They recorded 12 studio albums before disbanding in 1973. During this period the band underwent several line-up changes with frontman Roger McGuinn remaining the only constant member. In 1991 The Byrds were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

All alternate versions

A1 The Reason Why
A2 You Won't Have To Cry
A3 She Has A Way
A4 You Showed Me
A5 Hear Without You
A6 Don't Be Long
A7 I Knew I'd Want You
A8 Boston
A9 Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away
B1 For Me Again
B2 It's No Use
B3 You Movin'
B4 Please Let Me Love You
B5 The Airport Song
B6 Mr. Tambourine Man
B7 She Has A Way
B8 I Knew I'd Want You
C1 Boston
C2 You Showed Me
C3 The Times They Are A Changin'
C4 The Only Girl I Adore
C5 Tomorrow Is A Long Time
C6 You Showed Me
C7 I Knew I'd Want You
C8 I Won't Have To Cry
D1 Mr. Tambourine Man
D2 Willie Jean
D3 Come Back Baby
D4 Jack Of Diamonds
D5 Get Together
D6 She Has A Way
D7 Here Without You
D8 For Me Again
E1 It's No Way
E2 You Movin'
E3 Boston
E4 She Has A Way
E5 You Movin'
E6 The Reason Why
E7 It's No Use
F1 You Won't Have To Cry
F2 You Showed Me
F3 I Knew I'd Want You
F4 Mr. Tambourine Man
F5 She's The Kind Of Girl
F6 I'm Just A Young Man
F7 Everybody's Been Burned