THE MOTIONS - Recorded Coloured Vinyl

THE MOTIONS - Recorded Coloured Vinyl

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1LP Coloured Vinyl


While going through his attic in 2018, famous guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen (composer of the worldwide hit “Venus”), came across some unique, almost forgotten and unreleased demo material recorded by The Motions back in 1967 in the legendary GTB studio in The Hague. Keyboard player PP Everts suggested the original singer Rudy Bennet that something could and should be done with these songs. After some radical re-working of the material, with arrangements done by PP Everts, Rudy Bennet and guitarist Alan McLachlan, plus a rewriting of the text of “Warm Me Baby” by Alan, the songswere taken into the rehearsal room with the full band. The results wereso exciting, that it was decided that the tracks should be re-recorded and released, 52 years on from the original sessions! Erik Kuylaars was invited onboard to produce and oversee the whole project. Under his inspiring leadership and with the invaluable help of engineer Iwan Pronk, all the songs, apart from a few overdubs, were recorded by the band in one take. ‘Recorded’ contains both the 1967 demos as well as the new re-recordings.

  • 1. The Motions - A Little Bit of Heaven (2019 Recording)
  • 2. The Motions - Warm Me Baby (2019 Recording)
  • 3. The Motions - 20 Miles from Home (2019 Recording)
  • 4. The Motions - I'm Wondering (2019 Recording)
  • 5. The Motions - A Little Bit of Heaven (1967 Demo)
  • 6. The Motions - Warm Me Baby (1967 Demo)
  • 7. The Motions - 20 Miles from Home (1967 Demo)
  • 8. The Motions - I'm Wondering (1967 Demo)