TRANSVISION VAMP - Velveteen Coloured Vinyl

TRANSVISION VAMP - Velveteen Coloured Vinyl

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1-LP Holland
Coloured Vinyl


Transvision Vamp were a genuine International Pop Supernova of the late eighties. Fronted by the irrepressible Wendy James – Pop’s very own Halo Jones – whose bad-girl charms were impossible to ignore, and informed by the musical vision of Nick Christian Sayer, their sound and look was a kaleidoscopic whirl of chunky guitar riffs, incandescent pop thrills, razor sharp choral hooks, and vivid comic-book imagery. They crashed the charts like a rock and roll wrecking ball, bagging Gold and Platinum-selling albums in a brief but spectacular reign. Debut album “Pop Art” was certified Gold, and in 1989, “Baby I Don’t Care” hit # 3 in the singles chart, and the accompanying album “Velveteen” reached # 1, certified Platinum. Follow-up chart singles “The Only One”, ”Landslide Of Love” and “Born To Be Sold” kept the album in the charts for six months.


  • 1. Baby I Don't Care
  • 2. The Only One
  • 3. Landslide of Love
  • 4. Falling For a Goldmine
  • 5. Down On You
  • 6. Song To the Stars
  • 7. Kiss Their Sons
  • 8. Born To Be Sold
  • 9. Pay the Ghosts
  • 10. Bad Valentine
  • 11. Velveteen