WALLACE COLLECTION - Laughing Cavalier Vinyl

WALLACE COLLECTION - Laughing Cavalier Vinyl

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Wallace Collection is a Belgian band that made furore with their album Laughing Cavalier from 1969.

The album was recorded in Abbey Road Studios and became an overnight success. They produced a major international hit with "Daydream". The track reached the number one spot in more than 20 countries and the single sold more than 2 million copies.

Artists like Claude François, Beta Band, and I Monster created their own hit versions of the song, and even Portishead sampled "Daydream" in their single "Glorybox".

A modern version of the hit with Jill Scott and Lupe Fiasco is used in the soundtrack of the popular television series 'Mr. Robot'.

Sit back and enjoy the original Abbey Road recordings of this great album.

  • 1. Wallace Collection - Get That Girl
  • 2. Wallace Collection - The Sea Disappeared
  • 3. Wallace Collection - Get Back
  • 4. Wallace Collection - Ragtime Lily
  • 5. Wallace Collection - Natacha
  • 6. Wallace Collection - Merry-Go-Round
  • 7. Wallace Collection - What's Goin' On
  • 8. Wallace Collection - Fly Me To the Earth
  • 9. Wallace Collection - Peru
  • 10. Wallace Collection - Poor Old Sammy
  • 11. Wallace Collection - Baby I Don't Mind
  • 12. Wallace Collection - Misery
  • 13. Wallace Collection - Laughing Cavalier
  • 14. Wallace Collection - Daydream

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