Zuider Zee - Zenith Limited Edition Vinyl

Zuider Zee - Zenith Limited Edition Vinyl

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Label: Light In The Attick Records




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Limited Edition

Psychedelic Rock


 An early/mid-1970s group that sound like a hybrid between T-Rex and Big Star, might sound like a band that should be universally adored but Memphis’ Zuider Zee have remained something of an untapped curiosity. Until now. With this first time release of the album Zeenith, recorded between 1972 and ’74 and featuring all previously unheard tracks, the band should no longer be a boxed-up mystery.
A group led by such a hard-working and determined individual is glisteningly apparent on this release. Zeenith feels like a band at that magical juncture between a group perfecting their craft whilst still driven by wide-eyed optimism, youthful energy and a sense of fun that radiates throughout every note played. Ultimately, this was at the core of Zuider Zee’s aims. “Most important is to have fun whilst you’re up there doing it [on stage] because people will feel that joy - it’s electric and contagious and they will react to it.”
Something that still feels pertinent over 40 years since it was created.

A1 Haunter Of The Darkness
A2 Lancelot's Theme
A3 Miami
A4 Lana
A5 Ackbar Didedar
B1 After The Shine's Gone
B2 Better Than All The Others
B3 Royal Command Performances
B4 Quite A While
B5 Old (Single Edit)
B6 Might Be I'm Losing My Mind


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